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  • 1.  Technology/Payables/Receivables

    Posted 05-10-2019 18:37

    Any help that you can provide on the below questions would be appreciated!  I would like to survey our contractor message board participants:

    1. What technology or systems do you leverage for handling accounts payable?   
    2. If you utilize separate systems for this process, what differentiates their usage?  i.e. contract invoices vs. vendor credit accounts 
    3. What is the size of your AP/AR staff? 
    4. Has your choice in software resulted in reduction in overhead staff?  If so, can you quantify? 

    Thanks and have a great weekend!  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!


    Greg Gross CRIS
    Vice President
    Scottsdale AZ
    (602) 787-6296

  • 2.  RE: Technology/Payables/Receivables

    Posted 05-13-2019 10:04
    Hello Greg - here are responses for M3 Companies

    1 - Manual process up to the point of entry into Timberline (aka Sage 300 CRE - we refuse to drink the new Coke around here)
    2 - n/a
    3 - 1.5 AP, as land developers we don't have an AR staff
    4 - ask again in a year or so as we are in the middle of a software conversion

    Good luck - Melvin.

    PS to all software vendors - I am NOT interested in receiving information about your amazing system.  We have already made our decision and are moving forward with it.

    Melvin Frost CPA/MBA
    Sr. Controller
    Mesa AZ
    (602) 385-1656

  • 3.  RE: Technology/Payables/Receivables

    Posted 05-14-2019 11:42
    Jokake is similar to Mr. Frost, no new Coke formula for us, we're Classic Coke all the way. Sage 300RE (artist formerly known as Timberline) for our ERP system.
    To process AR we utilize the Sage 300 contracts and billing modules. Contracts are entered by our accounting staff based on the bid information provided by operations staff. Billings are entered into Sage by the Operations staff and posted and mailed for distribution by the accounting staff.

    To process AP we utilize two softwares that integrate with Sage300RE. 1) Large projects we use Oracle (artist formerly known as Textura) to process subcontractor pay applications. Project managers open the draw, subcontractors invoice through Oracle, accounting department checks compliance and process the pay applications, downloading information into Sage300, and accounting staff distributes payments through Oracle. What I like about Oracle, it helps the PM staff with preparation of the billing to the owner, and it streamlines communication between operations staff and subcontractors. 2) for other projects we use the Sage licensed version of Paperless Environments, which is called Sage Paperless. Invoices are submitted to accounting staff, they are scanned, and routed to the appropriate person for approval, either PM or appropriate approver, and then re-routed back to accounting staff for processing and payment, all electronically, no paper changing hands. I like this software, it has really streamlined our process, and has helped us keep better track of documents, where they are in the process. Both Oracle and Sage Paperless integrate pretty well with our ERP Sage300RE.

    Our accounting staff is really 3 people, our controller, staff accountant and accounting administrator. Our AP and AR is for the most part handled by one person, our accounting administrator. However, my opinion, accounting for construction companies is more than the traditional accounting staff, operations and project management play an important roll in most of the accounting functions, whether it is entering billing information, setting up subcontractor commitments, coding and approving invoices, change order management, all play a crutial roll in the accounting cycle.

    We haven't reduced our staff, but improvements in technology have made our work more efficient. When I first started at Jokake 17 years ago, our accounting staff was 6 people, we now do more a lot more work with a smaller staff.

    David Miller CCIFP, CRIS, CTP
    Cfo / Treasurer
    Jokake Construction Services, Inc.
    Phoenix AZ
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