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Broker Commissions

  • 1.  Broker Commissions

    Posted 08-27-2018 14:20
    I have a question for my fellow general members.

    We've been told that the commission rate we are paying for our group medical/dental insurance coverage is much higher than it should be.  I have no idea what rate is normal and I'm not sure if this is just a sales pitch.  If you're willing to share, can you give me a range of what we should be paying?  We are quite happy with our broker, but I need to know if we are paying too much.

    Thank you for whatever insight you are willing to offer,

    Christine Kettelkamp CPA, CMA, CCIFP
    Jenco Inc.
    Scottsdale AZ
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  • 2.  RE: Broker Commissions

    Posted 08-28-2018 10:03
    I am confused - are you saying you are paying your broker directly? Or are you saying the amount paid to your broker by your insurance company is too high?

    Lynne Pace BS
    Chief Financial Officer
    Kinkaid Civil Construction
    Mesa AZ
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