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HR ASO - Phoenix, AZ Area

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    Posted 12-29-2019 19:58

    As our operations have grown, we're starting to consider third party options for HR management and would like to discuss our options with ASO companies that have clients in the construction space. All of the HR related tasks have become a major drain on my time, but we're a long way from needing a full-time HR generalist. We're based in the Phoenix area, but do the majority of our work on the tribal reservations in AZ, CA and NM. The only local providers I've come across in my searching have been Creative Business Resources and National PEO. Does anyone have any experience with either of these providers or have suggestions for any others?


    Brandon Hubbard, CCIFP
    M. Greenberg Construction, Inc.
    Gilbert, AZ

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    Posted 12-30-2019 14:03

    I would also be interested in this information – also are there ones that don't have to take your employees on or your insurance?  That's mostly what I have found in Tucson.


    Carrie Stone, Vice-President of Finance



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    Posted 12-30-2019 16:17
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    Hi Brandon and Carrie
    Hope this attachment of the Pro's and Con's of a PEO helps you with options to consider.  It is complicated and multi-layered all that goes into HR/Payroll/Benefits administration. You need to way personal time spent to administrate, have expertise in constantly changing requirements of HR, and the extra costs when adding Human Capital Management support beyond core payroll functions of providers.  The extra HR help provided comes at a cost when you integrate with other companies, under what terms of employee assignment to the PEO there is to then get in and out of the arrangement/contract, break out the costs for services provided, what control and flexibility is lost when the PEO/ASO company works predominately with a few select providers?  It is best to find a ASO that is open, agnostic/compatible with many types of experts, platforms, operating systems and can work congruently together with different entities/individuals.   Other considerations - BBSI, Insperity.  Or, work with 3rd party HR specialists you can hire for a set fee monthly based on what tasks you want them to perform on-site to relieve you of some HR tasks.  I have some contacts if you would like to reach out to them.  602/881-8887.  Remember, to also line up a top expert in Employee Benefits since most companies spend $100,000's of thousands of dollars on benefit cost vs. $10,000's of dollars on payroll/HR to work and collaborate with payroll and HR support as needed.  Take care.

    Donald Fechter
    Cambridge Benefit Solutions
    Chandler AZ
    (480) 883-3309


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    Posted 04-22-2020 16:52
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    Great tips from Donald...thanks for sharing!

    Carrie and Brandon, I work for eBacon-TAG, a workforce compliance software and ASO company based here in Phoenix.  We work with contractors across the US and would be more than happy to share our software and services with you.  Donald's right in that you want an organization that is adaptable to your needs and current situation/software and our program/system does exactly that.  Feel free to reach out to me with questions or for additional information.  623-824-3416 or randy@ebacon.com.  All the best and stay safe!

    Randy Leiker
    Senior Business Development Manager
    Phoenix AZ
    (833) 432-2266


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