Co-Chair:  Jared Asay:
Co-Chair:  Jessica Grant:
Creates educational opportunities for members, as well as member's colleagues who may not be members.

Education Sub-Committees:

Chair:  Michelle Walker: 
Plan and host overview seminar, help to organize study groups. Create CCIFP alum peer group to provide added benefit to CCIFP's. Energize membership around obtaining certification.

Plans and hosts periodic events that would be CFMA education programs or other education offerings outside of monthly lunches. These could range in length from 2 hour to full day. Secures venue and speakers, works with admin to set up registration and provide info for communications/advertisement.

Chair:  Lindsey Benson:
Secures topics and speakers for monthly membership meetings. Works with admin to ensure venue is secured and to provide info for member communications.

Identifies uses of chapter funds raised for scholarships. Coordinate with membership on ideas to use these to benefit existing members and their companies through using for CFMA programming (CMA, education events, conferences) and for advertising for applications through traditional student recipients.

Executive of the Year
Chair:  Michelle Walker:
Committee specific to planning event. Vice-president should participate in/serve as liaison to the board to the committee since event will be held in the year that they are President.

Chair:  Brian Wilder:
Committee specific to planning event. Treasurer should participate in/serve as liaison to the board to the committee since event is primary chapter fundraiser and decisions impact chapter financials in coming years.

Chair:  Eric Pach:
Works to engage potential members to encourage joining, engages new members to create relationships, and provides networking and connection opportunities for all current members.

Membership Sub-Committees

Chair:  Cliff Spikler: 
Improve social media presence and enhance all existing chapter communication tools along with recommending new communication channels to ensure engagement with potential and existing members.

Community Service
Chair:  Christine Kettelkamp:
These events are great opportunities for members to bring others in their companies and invite other non-members which can provide opportunity for identifying potential new members as well as creating networking for existing members.

Creates non-educational networking events for current and potential members. Includes Women of CFMA events and other special/subset groups. Should work in conjunction with Community Service and YCFP to avoid duplicate offerings, and with the program committee on events such as holiday social.

Chair:  Kristen Otsuka:
More of a membership subset than a committee. Self-governed with board, has own funding and plans own events. Should have YCFP board members participate on membership and education committee to avoid overlap of events and scheduling, and to maximize opportunities for engaging potential and existing members.