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   RE: Proposition 205 - Recreational Taxation of Marijuana Act
 From: Melissa Stedry
 To: Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ
 Posted: 10-17-2016 13:04

Hi Michelle

The link for the RTMA pdf is not working. 

Melissa Stedry
Fire Security Electronics & Communications
Phoenix AZ
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Sent: 09-30-2016 07:36
From: Michelle Walker
Subject: Proposition 205 - Recreational Taxation of Marijuana Act

Members –

At September's lunch, Gina Kesler presented on some of the business concerns that would come with the passing of proposition 205 – her slideshow is attached for your reference.

Also attached is a document that VoS member, Julie Pace, prepared for us, providing some facts on the employment effects of the RTMA bill.

While CFMA has not formally taken a position on this controversial issue, it is important that we are well informed voters.

We hope you find this information is helpful in clarifying the facts as they relate to being Arizona employers.

Michelle Walker CCIFP, SPHR
Vice President Finance & Administration
Specialized Services Co.
Phoenix AZ
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