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   401k Plan Administrator for Small Business
 From: Brandon Hubbard
 To: Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ
 Posted: 08-24-2017 11:28
 Message: I posted this in the General CFMA forum, but thought I'd post it here as well to see if anyone has any local recommendations.

My company is looking to move from a Simple IRA plan to a 401k plan for 2018, due to the higher contribution limits. We currently have 5 participants in our retirement plan. I would like to continue with Fidelity as the front end user interface/fund selection, but they indicated that they won't administer a plan for a company our size. We need to start the plan with a 3rd party administrator and then integrate with Fidelity.

Does anyone have any recommendations for small business 401k administrators?


Brandon Hubbard, CCIFP
Accounting Manager
M. Greenberg Construction, Inc.
Gilbert AZ
(602) 956-0112

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