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   Outsource Safety Management Company
 From: Michelle Walker
 To: Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ
 Posted: 09-14-2015 16:21

I am looking for referrals for a third party company to handle our safety program and compliance.  We used Safety Services previously to create our HSE manual but I am looking for more of a consultant that will customize our program to our actual work/industry and also help with record keeping, compliance, job site inspections and as a representative for safety issues when needed.  With the constantly increasing safety requirements, we are no longer able to keep up on our own, but aren't yet at the stage that we are big enough to have a full time, dedicated safety person on staff.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.  Thank you!

Michelle Walker CCIFP
Vice President Finance & Administration
Specialized Services Co.
Phoenix AZ
(602) 997-6164

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