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   RE: Original Material Cost Reporting to GC for AZ5005 when MRRA
 From: Tori Bonneau
 To: Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ
 Posted: 04-14-2016 10:12



I am curious as to why you would provide a 5005 on an MRRA project? MRRA projects are taxable at the point of sale. If you are providing the 5005 it would be up to the GC to report the project income as you would on a MOD.



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Could someone help me to better understand how GC’s are handling reporting actual costs for sales tax purposes on a monthly basis on MRRA projects where the GC has provided an AZ5005 from to their subs?

Do GC’s providing an AZ5005 on MRRA projects have a way of accurately reporting/remitting sales tax on the sub's materials without needing to request actual costs from their subs?

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