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Chapter History

The Valley of the Sun Chapter of CFMA was incorporated in January 1986. The initial officers were:

President John Corcoran Double AA Constructors
Vice President Jim Richter Universal Roofing
Secretary Joe Quigley Kitchell
Treasurer Sheryl Chamberlain Linthicum

The following have since served as Chapter President:

  • 1986-1987     John Corcoran
  • 1987-1988     Jim Richter
  • 1988-1989     Joe Quigley
  • 1989-1990     Sheryl Chamberlain
  • 1990-1991     Lloyd Brown
  • 1991-1992     Scott Thomas
  • 1992-1993     Doug Hughes
  • 1993-1994     Dottee Mulcahy
  • 1994-1995     Greg Frost
  • 1995-1996     David James
  • 1996-1997     Deb Dubree
  • 1997-1998     Diane Christensen
  • 1998-1999     Greg Winters
  • 1999-2000     Marj Weber
  • 2000-2001     Carol Knott
  • 2001-2002     Lynn Reid
  • 2002-2003     David Beer
  • 2003-2004     Teresa Walker
  • 2004-2005     Kristy Cox
  • 2005-2006     Marty Garrison
  • 2006-2007     Cindy Lee
  • 2007-2008     Lisa Autino
  • 2008-2009     Michelle Giesen
  • 2009-2010     Tom Lawless
  • 2010-2011     Kris Roe (Newman)
  • 2011-2012     Jim Bracy
  • 2012-2013     Kevin Burnett
  • 2013-2014     Anne Devine-Thul
  • 2014-2015     Dave Miller
  • 2015-2016     Ryan Evans
  • 2016-2017     Lynne Pace
  • 2017-2018     Michelle Walker
  • 2018-2019     Jennifer Hopper
  • 2019-2020     Karl Kortman
  • 2020-2021     Lisa Sullivan
  • 2021-2022     Christine Kettelkamp
  • 2022-2023     Danielle Puente

Valley of the Sun has never had a repeat President and has always had a General Member of CFMA as President.

Founding chapter members, who have retained their membership:

    •  John Corcoran CICPAC
    •  David James FNF Construction
    •  Kenneth Zylstra Imperial Contracting LLC 

Other VOS members who have celebrated their 25 Year “Silver” Anniversary of membership:

Lisa Autino  Caliente Construction, Inc
Diane Christensen  FNF Construction, Inc.
Lorri Franklin  The Structures Group SW, Inc.
Christine Kettelkamp  JENCO Inc.
Gerald Mann  Wespac Construction
Dave Miller  Jokake Construction
Linda O'Brien  Fann Constracting, Inc.
Ted Rarrick  Construction RISK Partners, Inc.
James Sienicki  Snell & Wilmer
Bradley Smith  Deloitte Tax LLP
Helen Spencer  Johnson Carlier Inc.
Richard Usher  Hill & Usher Insurance & Surety
James Vandeventer  Henry & Horne
Deborah Vincent  Progressive Roofing
Chris Webb  Chanen construction Company, Inc.
Marjorie Weber  Irontree Construction, Inc.
Gary Weintraub  Weintraub & Schanck, P.C.

Two founding members of the VOS chapter went on to serve as CFMA National presidents:

    •  John Corcoran  1988
    •  Joe Quigley  1993-1994

Joe Quigley - founding member, third chapter president, 1993 National president and viewed by many as the leadership force behind the VoS chapter’s success, passed away in 1995. National Headquarters has memorialized him by giving an annual award in his honor. The Joe Quigley award recognizes CFMA members who, like Joe, demonstrate outstanding chapter participation, leadership, and dedication to CFMA activities that promote the mission of the organization.

VoS Members have been recognized with the following awards from CFMA National:

Debra Hahn Award

  • John Corcoran, 1994
  • Dorothy Mulcahy, 1997
  • David James, 2000
  • Marj Weber, 2015
  • Michelle Walker, 2021

Joe Quigley Award

  • Marj Weber, 2004
  • David James, 2015

Danny Parrish Award

  • John Corcoran, 2013
  • David James 2019

ICCIFP Vision and Leadership Award
         Marjorie Weber, CCIFP 2019

         Danielle Puente, 2023

         Brittany Smith, 2023

40 Under 40 Program

        Lindsey Benson, CCIFP 2021

VoS has received the following awards from CFMA National:

1990  Academic/Student Liaison Award
1992  Chapter of the Year (More than 100 Affiliates)
1993  Recognition Award
Special Events/Projects Award
Academic/Student Liaison Award
1994  Chapter of the Year (More than 100 Affiliates)
Achievement Award
1995  President’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Golf Tournament/Fundraiser for Education Endowment Fund”
1996  President’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Mock Mediation/Arbitration”
1997  President’s Excellence Award
Distinguished Progress Award
Showcase Award “Toughest Sheriff in America Luncheon”
1998  President’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Bank One Ballpark Luncheon”
1999  President’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Economic Outlook Seminar”
2000  President’s Excellence Award
Distinguished Progress Award
Showcase Award “Pumpkin Carving Happy Hour”
2001  President’s Excellence Award
Distinguished Progress Award
Showcase Award “3rd Annual Past Presidents Forum”
2002  President’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Electric Light Parade Float”
2003  President’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Southwest Contractor Magazine Insert”
2004  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Decade Accolade (Participating in the CRP for 10 Consecutive Years)
Showcase Award “Apprenticeship Lab”
2005  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Member Services Award (More than 121 Members)
Showcase Award “Local Family Donation”
2006  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Chapter of the Year Award (More than 121 Members)
Showcase Award “Giving Back to the Community”
2007  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Chapter Technological Improvements”
2008  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Chapter of the Year Award (More than 121 Members)
Largest “Basics” Attendance Award (65 Attendees)
Showcase Award “Chapter Achievements”
2009  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Chapter Achievements”
2010  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Distinguished Progress Award
Chapter of the Year Award (More than 121 Members)
Member Services Award (More than 121 Members)
Showcase Award “9th Annual Executive of the Year Banquet”
2011  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “25th Anniversary Gala”
2012  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Joint Luncheon with ABA, ASA, NAWIC & SAA”
2013  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Amazing Chase Treasure Hunt”
2014  Chairman’s Excellence Award
Showcase Award “Investing in the Community Through Charitable Involvement”

Chapter of the Year Award

Chairman's Excellence Award


Chairman's Excellence Award

Showcase Award "25th Annual Golf Classic"                                                                             

2017  Chairman's Excellence Award

Chapter of the Year Award
2019  Chapter of the Year Award

Chairman's Excellence Award


Chapter of the Year Award

2023  Chairman's Excellence Award

The Valley of the Sun Chapter hosts the following events annually:

  • Construction Executive of the Year Awards Banquet
  • Education Programs addressing current topics
  • CCIFP Overview Seminar and Exam
  • Golf Tournament

Funds earned through the Golf Tournament are used to fund scholarships to university students who have declared a major in accounting, business, or construction. Scholarships are awarded to students in the fall and spring semesters. VoS also funds scholarships to its members for first-time National Conference attendees and to those who take the CCIFP Overview class and sit for the exam.

In addition to its annual events, VOS also:

  • Hosts monthly lunches with speakers on industry topics, each offering CPE credit to members
  • Invites members to participate in charity activities throughout the year.
  • Encourages member networking at social outings such as ASU vs. UofA basketball game, Diamondbacks baseball game, and happy hours
  • Has an active Young Construction Financial Professionals program that meets regularly and positively contributes to chapter activities.


Valley of the Sun Chapter

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