Many hands make for light work!

Email the noted committee chair(s) with a copy to your interest to serve on a committee.


Career Services
Chair:  Greg Gross:
Liaison between those seeking job opportunities and those seeking to fill job openings within the construction finance industry.


Co-Chair:  Jared Asay:
Co-Chair:  Matthew Robinson
Creates educational opportunities for members, as well as member's colleagues who may not be members.

Education Sub-Committees:  CCIFP, Events, Programs, Scholarships

The Education Committee meets every other month, typically on the first Thursday of the month at 3pm. We usually meet virtually and will get together in-person once or twice a year. Meetings last 1 hour, with minimal follow up in between meetings as needed for speaker coordination.

Executive of the Year
Co-Chair:  Karl Kortman

Co-Chair:  Lynne Pace 
Committee specific to planning the annual Executive of the Year event.  This event is a recognition night for the Executive of the Year and several other awards.  It is held at a local resort and is always a highlight of the year.  


Co-Chair:  Luke Livak

Co-Chair:  Matt Waller 
Committee specific to planning annual golf tournament held in November or December.  In addition, to a wonderful golf tournament the event is also the primary fundraiser to support student and CFMA scholarships.  


Co-Chair:  Kristen Otsuka

Co-Chair:  Jackie Steinberger
Works to make sure all new and current members feel welcome and connected and know where to go for information and resources!


Young Construction Finance Professionals (YCFP)
Chair:  Elias Espinoza 
YCFP committee members will plan events to develop the next generation of leaders within CFMA and within the construction industry throughout the valley by building lasting relationships, engaging in professional development opportunities and enhancing the overall CFMA experience for current and future members.   If you are wondering who qualifies as young, we consider anyone 40 and under as a young professional.    Click here for further details